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CURRENT SITUATION - CODE RED: After they download a game to their phones, Connor and Lana stand to lose the dreams of their future and the people they love. What was meant to be a dream opportunity turns into a nightmare when their mobile devices are hacked, their social media accounts hijacked and and their personal data and lives manipulated by hackers. Who are the hackers? What do they want? What to they have on Lana and Connor anyway? How did any of this even start?

Can they be stopped - and if not: Who’s next?

Command_and_Control is a live lecture designed for audiences aged 11-18 years as an interactive, immersive, experiential data exfiltration story.

Using the mediums of games, film and mobile media culture,  Command_and_Control takes youth audiences on a memorable journey that they can identify with, asking them to participate in choices in the storytelling that will affect the story outcome.

The goal is to spark lasting awareness of and engagement with the UK's cyber security agenda amongst 11-18 year olds.